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Greyhound Cafe X Perrier : Its always fair weather

‘Make better weather with drops of Perrier’

Kickin passion fruit

Sip a refreshing mix of honey, lime juice with earl grey tea and pomegranate, soaked with passion fruit iced cube and topped with Perrier.


yellow honey bloom

Refresh yourself with all-natural energy boost! young ginger, honey, lime juice, topped with Perrier.



Splash away with a refreshing blend of lychee granita, grape fruit juice, mixed with passion fruit syrup, a hint of lime juice and fresh passion fruit for your pleasure, topped with Perrier.


Brownish plum plum

Your Favorite! Brownish shade of ice made from Chinese plum, with a touch of honey–lime juice topped with Perrier.


Whatever the weather, it won’t bother you while you can enjoy all of your favorites drinks from ‘It’s always fair weather’.  Available from now until the end of September 2019 at Greyhound Cafe and Another Hound Cafe.