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After 13 years in delivering a unique total dining experience for urban chics in various key retail locations in Bangkok, Greyhound Café also have a brainchild ‘Sweet Hound’. This dessert bar is sure to hit the sweet spot of any sweet tooth’s tastebuds, proudly presented by our multi-talented pastry chef Kedsarin Chomtrakan.

This new dessert bar ‘Sweethound’ is located on the ground floor next to Greyhound Café, J-Avenue branch and Siam Paragon 1st floor branch and now more than ready to serve a variety of creative dessert menus which created by Bhanu Inkawat, Creative Director of Greyhound Café.

The highlights of the 43 delightful menus are 12 selections of ‘High fashion waffle with the best dressing in town’. The home-style recipe of crispy-outside-tender-inside waffles with various kinds of ingredients such as banana, fruit salad, fresh red strawberry, marshmallow, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, cream cheese and even bacon are brought to enhance your joyful moment with every single bite of warm, soft and sweet smelling waffle.

Design Concept

To keep its original style of Greyhound Café yet represents the concept of a dessert bar, the Sweethound shop design reflects the ambience of a homemade Parisian patisseries. Bare cement wall, old steel and wooden furniture give the distinctive design to the bar and finally coating on top with polka dot print and some naughty quotes.

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